At the beginning of the year, I was reminded how precious time is, as my sister-in-law passed away January 2 at the age of 45.

This spring, I intended to launch this program for $13. After being reminded how valuable our time is, I decided to offer this program for free for a short time.

Why? It is SO important to do things that are most important to us. Too often, people do not spend their time focused on what is really important. So, I wanted to share the gift of time with as many people as possible.

From March 1-13, the 13 eTiffanies from 13 Months a Year are being offered for free. It’s my goal to help as many people as possible find more time for things that are important to them.

Click the button on the right to join us in the quest to find more time!

Wondering what 13 Months a Year is all about? The goal of the complete program is, over 13 weeks, to gain an additional 13 extra hours per week, leading to an extra 28 days each year (hence, 13 Months a Year).

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